How will 2020 get us? – a beautiful new AI quantum world

Artificial Intelligence (AI), the trade conflict between the US and China, the exit crisis in Europe, these are just a few of the big questions for the -1 transition year to 2030. And as in the stock market, 2020 will end up as golden age, although it’s an important year for the crypto and new digital golden data world currency.

Even though the AI ​​is first a product promise that will not be fully realized until 2040, and today’s digital virtual smart assistants are far from human-intelligent.But today AI is the magic word on everyone’s mindset. As a key technology, ‚s/he‘ can foresee, foresight as solve financial and mobility tasks (congestion to stock market calculations, …). In these forwarding years s/he is still a child today, and s/he is said to be the first e-mayor of Shanghai and N.Y..

For full autonomous driving above Level 5+, it will be the groundbreaking killer application that eliminates congestion and accidents globally. We’ll work, eat, watch movies, hold conferences and / or have sex on the go. Many street businesses (street food, nail to tattoo studies, prostitution, …) will migrate to the darkrooms of mobiles in the future.

But the beautiful new king-sized queen AI also has a shadow side, and creates a fear of the future in the work and art worlds. 99% of all human work, jobs and work places will disappear over time. The apocalyptic timelines are already written for it (drivers, educators, teachers, politicians, …), but we will not be unemployed because of this. In the transition phase, we will be assisted by the new AI robots, and we will be grateful for the robotic caregivers in the coming age society, with whom we can also talk about God and the world, who read stories to our children and take off all physically laborious to  dirty works.

And just as analog prints were not immediately replaced by digital books, transition and change are slower and more generational. But what do we do if we live in a free world in the future, freed from work and yet with open access (free basic services, housing, consumption, energy,…) and secondly thanks to basic income, which will be promoted and conditionalized the AI.

Then we will deal with the virtual world of 10K holography (world games, entertainment live, …), travel to space and start new adventures, and immortal cloning …

Stage 1: big data analytics, B2B business intelligence, smart B2C consumer products, intelligent assistants (Alexa, Cortana, Siri & go, …), blockchain, industrial helper to construction worker machinery

Level 2: autonomous vehicles, robots, products, …

Level 3: simultaneous real-time simulations, language translations, …

Level 4: Full to Up Recycling

Level 5: (interstellar) Hyperspace networks

Level 6: Brain / intelligence extension

Level 7: Cloning and reproduction(s)

Level 8: complete control and ‘control’ of mega to metacities

Level 9: weather forecast like weather control

Stage 10: (unmanned) spaceship, terraforming, civilization construction and mining on other (exo) planets


Author: Roman Retzbach (

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