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Futures Studies & Futures Sciences 2020 -2030


Roman Retzbach – “Future travels or  the Future to 2100”
ProFuturist I  Future Expert I Futures Scientist


Roman Retzbach – Keynote Speaker, Moderator, Influencer & Futurist
Futures Studies Researcher I Futur(olog)ist I Foresight Analyst


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“The Futurist of the 21st century”

References 2020
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Roman Retzbach

 Future X.0 – from Artificial Intelligence over Future.Intelligences to SuperIntelligence

Roman A. Retzbach is Futurist Partner of Future.Intelligences. The international holding for advisory and researching future sciences with the Future.Consulting, Future.University and the Future.Institute is the world leader in futurology to futures studies.

“I am the world first Human-AI-Intelligence (HUGI), neuro-connected to Artifial Intelligence software system. So I as premium new human-being can learn faster, use big data, think bigger and live forever …” Roman A. Retzbach (original)

As a future expert Roman Retzbach accompanied group of companies in industrial, technology, financial and commercial sectors and organizations, how to prepare for the future, motivate employees for the future and generate new growth. As a globetrotter and researcher he discovers and experiences the world every day, passing on this future knowledge in his lectures very close to life. He takes his audience on a journey to the future and reports authentically and realistically about the possibilities of the “perfect” future world. A deeper insight into his future thinking is given by his numerous books and publications. Roman A. Retzbach coaches and manages you to become a future expert yourself and build a think tank in your company.

Roman Retzbach uses as the future expert the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of super-quantum-computers in combination with Bio Technology Intelligence (BI) for analytical future studies (AFI) and future foresights – this is worldwide unique, market-leading and future-proof.

Roman A. Retzbach is a future expert

– consulting futurologist and futures researcher of the future for over 30 years

– working, teaching and advising for over 20 years in USA, Europe and China

– author of numerous books and studies: Future Sciences, Futures Studies, Futurology, Future Reports, Megatrends

– innovator of future tools like Futuring to SuperForesighting

– specialist for future-disruptive innovations and consultants for sustainable companies

– with knowledge about the future generations (Millennium and Z) and target groups of tomorrow

– with future consulting experience in industrial, technology, financial and trading groups

– with the topics AutoMobility, Digitization Transformation and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Future Lecture and Advisory Topics 2020 – 2030 (excerpt):

Architecture of the Future (Mega and MetaCities, BioPharming, … to Blockchain)

Autonomous mobility (E-AutoMobile, Hyperloop, Micro- / Macro-Mobile, …)

Trade, consumption and supply of the future

Industry 5.0 (work of the future and production 6.0 … 10.0 to X.0)

Artificial intelligence X.0 (AI, AR, MR, VR, IoT, …)

Logistics, investments and real estates of the future

Marketing and advertising of the future

New disruptive technologies (bio, genetics, nano, cloning, neuro-brain interfaces, solarik, …)

New energies (quanta, biosystems, defense, fusion energy, …)

New currencies & financial worlds (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, IOTA, … to FinTechs)

Quantum computers (simulations of superlatives such as climate protection, control of world trade, financial systems, megacities, …)

Robotics (androids, bio-humanoids, AI-assistance systems, …)

Science-fiction goes science (superintelligence, …)

Start-ups (companies 2030, 2040, 2050, …)

Tourism of the future (virtual-real travel, leisure worlds, games, …)

Space Travel (Space Age, HyperCom, Terraforming, Exoplanets, Earth X.0, …)

Economic Policy (development in Asia-Europe-America-Africa, population, health to state systems, …)

Future management (new leadership, strategic future planning, future-safe to highly reliable organizations, …)

Referenzes: Allianz, Apple, Bayer, BASF, BMW, Commerzbank, Daimler, E.ON, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, HP, IBM, Lufthansa, Metro, Microsoft, Robert Bosch, RWE, Shell, Siemens, Sony, Telekom, TUI, Volkswagen




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10 Megatrends and Future Technologies 2020-2030Modul 1: Work, Life(-style) and Consumption in futureModul 2: Artificial Intelligence (AI)Modul 3: RoBots, Nano, Bio-Tech, Clones, AI, VR/AG/MRModul 4: Future Business ModelsModul 5: Digital, Neuro to Influencer Marketing
Modul 6: Smart Assistants – Digital Superstars tond AI HeroesModul 7: Social and Climate ChangeModul 8: Innovations, Technologies und Start-upsModul 9: Fit for the Future and future-proofed (business) WorldModule 10: Special extra topics (micromobilies, migration, hydrogen power cells, …)

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– What is the future of the business and what are the future business models?
– What innovations, technologies and StartUp inventions await us in the future?
– Digital Marketing of the Future – Influencer Power, Neuro-Brain, Science-Fiction ..?
RoBots, nano, bio-tech, cloning, AI, virtual reality … what will be important in the future?
– How do you make your company fit for the future? How future-proof?
– Business with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
– Solutions for social and climate change
– How to become a digital superstar and AI hero?

Many of these and more future questions will be answered.

Basic webinar series in 10 modules:

– Modul 1: Work, Life(-style) and Consumption in future

– Modul 2: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

– Modul 3: RoBots, Nano, Bio-Tech, Clones, AI, VR/AG/MR

Modul 4: Future Business Models

– Modul 5: Digital, Neuro to Influencer Marketing

Modul 6: Smart Assistants – Digital Superstars tond AI Heroes

Modul 7: Social and Climate Change

– Modul 8: Innovations, Technologies und Start-ups

– Modul 9: Fit for the Future and future-proofed (business) World

– Module 10: Special extra topics (micromobilies,  migration, hydrogen power cells, …) *



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The Bio-Tech-Age is starting up 2020 to 2030, supported by the virtual digitalization & artificial super-intelligences (SI). The Dark (Net) Age is rising till 2030, than the Light Age is coming up to 2050. 1. Autonomous Things (AT): 5G, Networks, Clouds, Smart Homes, Digital Twins 2. Autonomous Driving (AD): all Mobiles (Drones, Hyperloops, HydroCars, E-Scooters,…) …

10 Megatrends and Future Technologies 2020

2020-2030: Super-Bio Intelligences Age 10 Megatrends and Future Technologies 2020: 1. Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Analytics 2. Blockchain & Crypto Currencies 3. Virtual Reality (AR, MR) & Digital Twins 4. Smart Assistants, RoBots & Spaces 5. Autonomous Driving & E-Mobility (sky-taxi, air-drones, hyperloop, meglevs, …) 6. Genome Editing & DNA Crisp (designer humans, …) 7. …